practical, beautiful, trendy

Aim of the project?
We want to define a new vehicle-category and we want to inspire other producer do the same.

Target group?
People who are looking for a practical and cool car which is presentable. (quad-, motorcicle- , bike-, jetskidrivers surfers, hunters, gardeners, craftsmen ,farmers ,young and young-stayed, wives, singles,...)

We set us the of 10.000 € for the conversion. The final price will be sure after the conversion of the two following prototypes. Parallel we think about building the vehicles ex factory. Then with the necessary quantities a price of circa 14.000 € should be possible.

When are the first vehicles available?
At the end of the year after the successful tests of the prototypes.

Is the concept only for the New Beetle?
Other producers have also nice cars.

Which quantities are planed?
We will supply the demand.

What is the name?
The project name is cargofun.

Where can i get further information?
Of course on our website and at the telephone number of the pro4D 03874/666236